Contemporary Furniture from Maurice Villency of NY

Contemporary Furniture for Your Lifestyle

Contemporary furniture to fit your lifestyleLiving rooms are a special place for family and friends to spend time together. Transform your living space to a new level of luxury with beautiful contemporary furniture like sofas and sectionals from Maurice Villency. There is nothing as comfortable as a plush leather sofa or sectional to entertain loved ones. It adds an atmosphere of charm and glamour to any room of a home.

Get that unforgettable look with customized contemporary sofas in leather or your choice of quality fabric. Maurice Villency can customize your sofas and sectionals to provide you with a contemporary or modern unique sofa or sectional that will leave a lasting impression.

Contemporary sofas and loveseats custom made by Maurice VillencyGet the most comfortable addition to your living room from Maurice Villency’s extensive line of contemporary furniture to turn your living space into pure charm. Plush seats, unique and creative furniture designs that let you unwind. Give us an idea of what you have always dreamed of and we will create that perfect contemporary sofa or sectional. Then step back and see how gorgeous it looks in your home!

Visit Maurice Villency's extensive collection of contemporary and modern sectionals and sofas today!

Quality Leather Sofas and Leather Sectionals

The BREKENRIDGE contemporary leather sofas and leather sectionals in a variety of colorsLeather sectionals and sofas are one of the most popular types of modern to contemporary furniture today. Maurice Villency offers unique and attractive designs to provide your living area with the warmth of a contemporary leather sofa or inviting - clean look of modern leather sectionals. Maurice Villency will create a uniquely designed living room for you by offering different styles, colors and textures of leather sofas and sectionals for a one of a kind contemporary living room.

We also offer contemporary furniture accessories like occasional tables, chairs and accent pillows all specially designed to compliment your leather sectional or sofa.

Visit Maurice Villency's line of modern contemporary sofas and sectionals and acquire the rich quality and perfect design you have been looking for in living room leather sofas and sectionals.

Luxurious Fabric Sectionals and Sofas

With a wide variety of colors and fabrics like the PALETTE collection, Maurice Villency will create that perfect living experience you dreamed of.Contemporary fabric sofas and sectionals that favor simplicity, straight or curved lines and sophisticated colors created by Maurice Villency! Choose your colors, fabric and style of contemporary fabric sofa or sectionals and Maurice Villency will excite you with exclusive offerings.

Contemporary fabric sofas bring an air of warmth and coziness to a room. They can make a room feel less official and become a sense of home and security. Offering a large variety of colors and fabric, Maurice Villency can customize your contemporary sofa or contemporary sectional to archive that fashionable trend you are looking for in any room of your home.

The look of a contemporary fabric sofa brings out the charm, elegance and luxury of any living space within your home. Get a relaxed pace of life while bringing in warmth and style to any room by visiting Maurice Villency's contemporary furniture today!